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Rankings as of: 12/28/2013

Rankings Report

Keywords Rankings
Countertops 1
Granite Countertops 1
Kitchen Countertops 2
Bathroom Countertops 2
Sacramento Countertops 1
Sacramento Granite Countertops 1
Sacramento Kitchen Countertops 1
Sacramento Bathroom Countertops 1
Countertops Sacramento 1
Granite Countertops Sacramento 1
Kitchen Countertops Sacramento 1
Bathroom Countertops Sacramento 1
El Dorado Hills Countertops 5
El Dorado Hills Granite Countertops 2
El Dorado Hills Kitchen Countertops 1
El Dorado Hills Bathroom Countertops 2
Folsom Countertops 3
Folsom Granite Countertops 1
Folsom Kitchen Countertops 1
Folsom Bathroom Countertops 3
Roseville Countertops 3
Roseville Granite Countertops 3
Roseville Kitchen Countertops 3
Roseville Bathroom Countertops 2
Rocklin Countertops 3
Rocklin Kitchen Countertops 1
Rocklin Granite Countertops 6
Rocklin Bathroom Countertops 2
Gold River Countertops 2
Gold River Kitchen Countertops 1
Gold River Bathroom Countertops 2
Gold River Granite Countertops 4
Granite Bay Countertops 2
Granite Bay Kitchen Countertops 2
Granite Bay Bathroom Countertops 2
Granite Bay Granite Countertops 1
Fair Oaks Countertops 1
Fair Oaks Kitchen Countertops 1
Fair Oaks Bathroom Countertops 4
Fair Oaks Granite Countertops 1
Elk Grove Countertops 23
El Grove Granite Countertops 24
El Grove Kitchen Countertops 18
El Grove Bathroom Countertops 4
Loomis Countertops 15
Loomis Granite Countertops 8
Loomis Kitchen Countertops 8
Loomis Bathroom Countertops 3
Orangevale Countertops 11
Orangevale Granite Countertops 6
Orangevale Kitchen Countertops 3
Orangevale Bathroom Countertops 2
Corian Countertops Sacramento 6
Corian Kitchen Countertops 1 & 3


We’ve been focusing a lot on local searches. If you’re in Sacramento and search: countertops, kitchen countertops, bathroom countertops, or granite countertops, Countertop Designs now ranks in the within the top two spots on Google’s Local Maps. You don’t have to type in Sacramento.

We’ve also made great progress with Roseville, which now ranks in the top 3 for all countertop searches. Corian Countertop searches are also starting to do well.

Over the next couple months we’ll be adding Citrus Heights and Rancho Cordova to our marketing plan. Since there are a lot of investment properties in these areas, it might be beneficial to rank within these cities.  We’ll also continue to push forward with Corian Countertop searches.

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